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Empowering Transparency By Enhancing The Review System And Redefining Our Ticks

11 Mar,  2024

We’re thrilled to announce some significant enhancements to our review system, aimed at providing a more transparent and accountable experience for all users.

Formerly, the third tick next to a business name indicated its insured status. However, with the recent updates, the third tick now signifies that a business has accumulated three or more verified reviews, offering a comprehensive view of its review history.

To ensure trustworthiness, all reviews must now undergo verification. Positive reviews, rated 5, play a pivotal role in contributing to a business’s overall score. Negative reviews rated 4 or below are only published if they pass through the stringent verification process. Verification is achieved through various means, including confirmation from the business or submission of proof of payment from the customer to the business. It is worth noting that unverified negative reviews will be showcased as comments rather than reviews, hence refraining from impacting the overall score of the business.

We encourage businesses to openly engage with reviews as it not only fosters transparency but also serves as a tangible demonstration of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, by proactively responding to reviews, businesses have the unique opportunity to offer invaluable insights and viable solutions to address any concerns raised by their esteemed customers. It’s essential to highlight that both business owners and reviewers will receive prompt email notifications regarding any new reviews, thereby promoting transparency and facilitating seamless communication within our community.

These updates underscore our dedication to fostering higher standards and promoting responsible business practices within our community. By prioritizing transparency and accountability, we’re empowering businesses to uphold the highest levels of integrity, ultimately leading to a more trustworthy and reliable platform for all users.

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