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The Importance Of Customer Reviews & How To Get More

4 Jul,  2022

Unlike other business directories, Check Your Traders champions genuine customer feedback and reviews. That’s because we want to create greater accountability within the local trades market and help the professionals gain the praise and exposure they deserve.

Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of reviews to your business on Check Your Traders. Further below, we even share our top tips to help you receive more reviews from your satisfied clients.

How Customer Reviews Benefit Your Business

Benefit from a higher ranking

Reviews directly improve your ranking on the Check Your Traders platform. The more genuine customer reviews and ratings you receive, the higher you’ll rank in our search results. This ensures that when consumers are searching for your service in our directory, your business profile will be among the first to pop up, which makes it more likely for potential clients to reach out to enquire about your services. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you always invite customers to leave you a review of your work when you complete a job.

Furthermore, unlike social media where anyone can post anything, making it difficult for customers to know who to trust, at Check Your Traders we check each and every review to ensure it’s genuine. This ensures no one is posting fake reviews to gain unfair advantage in the rankings.

Reviews improve transparency

To improve transparency for all consumers, our profile ranking system is not limited to positive reviews. It takes into consideration all your accumulated reviews, including any negative ones. This essentially means that if a business were to have the greatest number of reviews, but they were all negative, it would still rank first within its trades category. But this is far from good news! This system is designed to point consumers in the right direction so they can steer well clear of badly rated businesses in favour of the tradespeople who have received the most positive reviews.

Gain a unique insight into your customers

Ever wanted to know what your customers really think about your workmanship and service? By analysing the reviews left by your customers, you can better understand how you’re delivering on overall customer satisfaction. This is a great way to find out what you’ve been doing right and to check whether you can be improving on any aspects of your business to boost your ratings sooner rather than later.

Enjoy better visibility on our platform

Finally, there’s one additional and highly advantageous benefit to getting more frequent reviews for your business on Check Your Traders. That’s because the most recent reviews are always featured prominently on our homepage. This ensures your business will enjoy extra visibility on our website at no extra cost. So, if you receive regular reviews from clients, you’re more likely to feature on our homepage for longer and catch the eye of more potential clients.

3 Top Tips To Get More Reviews

Not sure how to get more reviews on your Check Your Traders profile? Here’s are 3 easy steps for you to encourage more clients to leave you positive feedback on your profile today:

1 – Hand out business cards

At Check Your Traders we can provide you with a range of marketing materials to help your business look more legit and professional. This includes designing business cards with your hard-earned Check Your Traders badge to show clients that you are one of Malta’s verified tradespeople.

Along with your general contact details, your business card will also feature your official Check Your Traders profile link. This is an effective tool to point clients in the right direction should they wish to find out more about you online. It’s also the easiest way to share your Check Your Traders profile link with a client in person. It sure beats scribbling down online addresses on bits of paper or having clients rely on their memory.

After completing a job, feel free to hand your client a card and invite them to leave a review on your profile. If the job went well, they’ll usually be more than happy to write a positive review. What’s more, clients can easily pass your business card on to friends should they wish to recommend your services.

If you’re interested in getting your official Check Your Traders business card, then get in touch with our Support Team today.

2 – Send a thank you message

Sending a thank you email or message to a client is a great way to show your appreciation for their custom. It also comes with several benefits for your business. It helps strengthen your relationship with customers which can lead to return business, it builds a lasting positive image for your brand, and furthermore it encourages clients to praise your business through social media, word of mouth, or an online review.

So, after finishing a project, why not send your clients a positive message to show your appreciation. Before you sign off, you can invite them to leave you a review and express how their feedback goes a long way in helping you improve your business and customer service. Be sure to include a direct link to your Check Your Trader profile. That crucial review will be just one click away!

3 – Share you profile on the socials

Just because you’re new to Check Your Traders, doesn’t mean you’re new to the industry. You may already have tons of satisfied customers to your name, all of whom may be willing to leave you a review and recommend your services.

That’s why it’s always a great idea to re-share your Check Your Trader profile on your social media profiles from time to time. You can even leave a short invite for people to leave you a review. Not only is this a great way to promote your services and emphasise your verified status in the market, but it will likely catch the attention of previous customers who may want to leave you a thank you for a job well done in the past.

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