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AI Engineering Solutions Ltd
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AI Engineering Solutions Ltd


About AI Engineering Solutions Ltd

AI Engineering Solutions is an esteemed consulting engineering firm renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of services, encompassing technical engineering expertise, efficient project management, and the essential support of Site Technical Officers (STOs) on construction sites.

Founded under the visionary leadership of Ing. Ishmael Agius, a distinguished Engineer with qualifications from the University of Malta, our company takes pride in assembling a highly qualified team of engineers, registered STOs, and a seasoned surveyor. Together, this dedicated workforce works diligently to meet our clients’ specific needs, ensuring their projects are executed with precision and professionalism.

Our commitment is rooted in delivering peace of mind, unbeatable value, and invaluable experience to our diverse clientele, spanning both the private and public sectors. Guided by an unwavering mission, AI Engineering Solutions has forged a reputation for excellence, with our services covering an array of critical aspects in the construction industry.

AIES stands out as a reliable provider of Site Technical Officer services, compliant with L.N. 136 OF 2019, which regulates activities during the demolition, excavation, and construction phases, with a primary focus on minimizing potential risks and damages to third parties. We take pride in being entrusted by some of Malta’s most distinguished developers, contributing our expertise to high-profile projects like the Ex-Halland Hotel, Smart Supermarket, Wembley, and many more prestigious developments across the island.

Our adaptability as a dynamic organization continually drives us to expand and invest in further diversifying our service portfolio. AI Engineering Solutions offers an extensive suite of services, commencing with the meticulous assembly of competent teams for demolition, excavation, and construction phases. We proceed to address mechanical and electrical installations, providing unwavering support throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our agile approach empowers us to implement the most effective solutions efficiently while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Our pledge remains unwavering – to provide the best possible service that seamlessly bridges engineering excellence with building services. We adhere to the following core values and assurances, which have become synonymous with AI Engineering Solutions:

1. Peace of Mind: With extensive experience, a proficient team of fully qualified STOs, and unwavering enthusiasm, we ensure that clients can proceed with their projects with full confidence and minimal stress.

2. Value for Money: Our operational efficiency is designed to eliminate any additional fees during work pauses or delays. We prioritize our clients’ budgets and commitments.

3. Experience: With a remarkable portfolio encompassing over 200 sites, ranging from small to large-scale projects, and having earned the trust of Malta’s leading developers, we bring invaluable experience and expertise to the industry.

AI Engineering Solutions is committed to ongoing growth, innovation, and excellence. We invest in enhancing our services, keeping them in perfect alignment with the evolving needs of our valued clients. Our approach is built on the foundation of engineering expertise, unsurpassed building services, and a relentless dedication to achieving the highest standards in the industry.

We look forward to being your trusted partner on your next project.


Site Technical Officers

Construction Supervision
Health and Safety plan
Certification - Electrical Installations
Certification - Path Testing
Reports - Load Breakdown
Reports - Path Testing
Reports - Electrical Installations
Construction Safety
Risk Assessment
CNF Construction Notification Form

Mechanical & Electrical Services

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