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Eco Water Ltd
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About Eco Water Ltd

Ecosoft offers a standard domestic 5 stage reverse osmosis system which is easily installed under any kitchen sink and can also be connected to a refrigerator or a water dispenser for purified water.

Ecowater Ltd – Ecowater Reverse Osmosis Systems:
The Ecowater under sink reverse osmosis is a five stage water purifying system and comes with a 15 Litre plastic kemflo storage tank which fills in just over 1 hour. The pump is heavy duty and carries a 5 year warranty.
Besides a compact under sink unit, we also offer other models and capacities even for semi commercial use and locations where larger amounts of purified water is required. We offer a full service supported by our trained and qualified personnel always ready to provide practical and cost effective solutions for drinking water at home and in commercial locations.
At Ecowater Limited we are also providers of reverse osmosis Drinking Water Dispensers which offer the purest water in the most efficient manner possible.
The dispensers make unlimited water readily available; be it cold, room temperature or boiling they are equipped to cater for homes and companies of any scale.
We are a small company, however, having been in this business for over 10 years we are well known for our professional after sales service. For this reason we take pride in our extensive list of satisfied customers in both private and public sectors.
For an attractive monthly payment, we provide the dispenser, installation and regular maintenance free of charge followed up by our team of servicemen; all you have to do is enjoy the water. Our service will relieve the office administrator of any stress surrounding the ordering and storing of water as you will have unlimited fresh water at your disposal.
Besides leasing dispensers for commercial use we also provide dispensers available for purchase for domestic use or for very small offices.


Reverse Osmosis

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