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Khello Materials Shop
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About Khello Materials Shop

Here at Khello materials shop, we supply everything to do with the construction industry. From building materials, to paint and tools we supply it all! We supply both for small and large projects, where we can provide plaster and gypsum for both scopes. With over 3 years as a supplier and more than 10 years of experience in the trade, we are more than qualified within the industry. For more information, please contact us through the links above!


Paint Supplies

Acrylic Paints
Giolli Paints
Indoor Paint - Anti-Mould
Interior Graffiato
Interior Paints
Muracel - Additivi e Cementi
Muracel - Bio
Muracel - Floor
Muracel - Gesso (Plaster)
Muracel - Idropitture
Muracel - Impermeabilizzanti
Muracel - Impregnanti Legno
Muracel - Incapsulamento Amianto
Muracel - Magma Decorative
Muracel - Malte, Intonaci e rasanti
Muracel - Ripristino e Protezzione del Calcestruzzo
Muracel - Rivestimenti e Decorazione
Muracel Silicato - Colours & Textures
Murasan Antisale - Twaqqaf il-Melh fil-Gebla
Muracel Silicato - Various Colours
Antipioggia - Stone Treatment Against Rain
Capitel Stucchi - Venziano for Feature Walls
Cappotto Insulation Solutions
Concrete Sealant Additives for Gypsum
Repair Mortars
Restoration Products
Tile Adhesives (all types)
Tiling Glue - Various types
Transparent Liquid Membrane

Gypsum Board


Tool Supplier

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