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MNA Azzopardi
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MNA Azzopardi


About MNA Azzopardi

Welcome to MNA Azzopardi, a company with a legacy defined by resilience, growth, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

Our journey, which began a while ago, unfolds as a dynamic narrative of success and diversification, spanning multiple generations.

Initiated by Peter Azzopardi, our founder’s vision materialized in the establishment of two fuel service stations. Fueled by determination, Peter, alongside his nephew Carmel, swiftly ascended to prominence as a leading importer and distributor of tyres and alloy wheels in Malta. Representing esteemed brands like Nexen Tyres, Kleber Tyres, and Cooper-Avon Tyres, our dedication to quality became the bedrock of our operations.

Beyond the tire industry, MNA Azzopardi extended its reach across diverse sectors, showcasing a versatile and adaptive business approach. Presently guided by Carmel’s sons, the company diversified into hospitality, real estate, and property development.

In the hospitality sector, we introduced Port View Guest House in 2013 and Dun Gorg Guest House in 2019. These accommodations underscore our commitment to excellence, providing prime lodging options for visitors to Malta and reflecting our dedication to exceeding expectations.

More recently, MNA Azzopardi strategically shifted focus toward real estate and property development. This move seamlessly aligns with our ethos of seeking new opportunities and delivering optimal solutions in every endeavor. As we navigate this new chapter, our entrepreneurial spirit remains undaunted, propelling us to explore innovative avenues and create lasting impacts.

At the core of MNA Azzopardi’s identity is an enduring entrepreneurial spirit that has defined our journey from the outset. We believe in finding inspiration in every turn, embracing challenges, and transforming them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and adaptability has allowed us to navigate successfully through diverse industries. Whether in the tire business, hospitality, or real estate, MNA Azzopardi continues to set itself apart by seeking opportunities, providing top-notch solutions, and ensuring a legacy of resilience and prosperity.

As we welcome you to MNA Azzopardi, you become part of a legacy where the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives, and every venture is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to quality, growth, and creating lasting impressions.

In conclusion, MNA Azzopardi stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial success, continuously evolving, and embracing new challenges with a determination that has been the driving force behind our enduring legacy.

Welcome to a world where innovation meets tradition, and every venture is an opportunity to make a lasting impact.



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