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Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD
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Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD

40 Mons O. Vella, North, MGR 1241

About Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD

Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD: Your Trusted Partner in Pool Excellence

Welcome to Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD, where over 30 years of experience meets a passion for crafting the finest pools and spa experiences on the island of Malta. As a family-owned business with deep roots in the construction sector, we have evolved into the foremost experts in pool construction and maintenance, trusted by over 400 satisfied clients.

A Legacy of Excellence

Our journey began in the early 1990s when we transitioned into the pool construction sector. Since then, Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies has been the name behind numerous prestigious projects, ranging from hotel and communal pools to rooftop pools in charming farmhouses. Our legacy of excellence and commitment to quality has solidified our position as the leading pool builders in Malta.

Your One-Stop Shop for Pool Perfection

At Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies, we understand that crafting the perfect pool or spa involves a multitude of factors. That’s why we offer our clients a hassle-free one-stop shop for all their pool and spa construction needs. From the initial excavation stages to the meticulous finishing touches, we ensure that every detail is executed to perfection.

Top-of-the-Line Filtration Equipment

A pool is only as good as its filtration system, and that’s why we partner with Pentair Pool, a world-renowned brand in the industry. Our clients are guaranteed access to the finest filtration equipment available, ensuring crystal-clear water and a hygienic swimming environment that meets the highest standards.

Innovative Chlorination Systems

We understand the importance of water quality and safety. To that end, Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies offers cutting-edge Salt Water Chlorination Systems. These systems not only enhance water quality but also reduce the risks associated with handling chlorine, making your pool experience safer and more enjoyable.

Tailored Heating Solutions

Extend your pool season with our pool heating systems. Dive into warm and inviting waters, whether it’s a refreshing morning swim or a relaxing evening soak. We provide heating solutions that cater to your specific needs, ensuring that your pool remains a source of comfort and enjoyment year-round.

Mosaic Glass Masterpieces

The aesthetics of your pool matter, and that’s why we offer exquisite mosaic glass finishes that transform your pool into a work of art. Our attention to detail and commitment to design excellence ensure that your pool becomes a visual masterpiece that complements your surroundings.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

At Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD, we believe that your vision is our mission. Our team of experts, designers, and builders work collaboratively to bring your dream pool or spa to life. We pride ourselves on keeping you involved at every stage, ensuring that your unique requirements are met.

Contact Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies Today

Experience the pinnacle of pool excellence with Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies LTD. Contact us today to discuss your pool or spa project, request a quote, or explore how we can help you turn your vision into reality. With Muscat Pool Construction & Supplies, your pool is not just a water feature; it’s a testament to quality, luxury, and a commitment to excellence. Choose us and dive into a world of pool perfection.


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