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Polidano Restorations
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Polidano Restorations


About Polidano Restorations

Welcome to Polidano Restorations, your trusted partner for a spectrum of restoration and specialized services.

With a rich legacy of excellence, Polidano Restorations brings expertise to the forefront, ensuring the meticulous restoration of well services, and reliable water transport solutions.

Our Comprehensive Services:

  • Well Restoration: Trust us for well restoration services that rejuvenate and enhance the functionality of wells. Our expert team employs proven methods to revitalize wells, ensuring a sustainable water source.
  • Excavation & Demolition: Benefit from our comprehensive excavation and demolition services, where precision meets efficiency. From site preparation to controlled deconstruction, our team handles projects with skill and safety.
  • Handyman: Polidano Restorations extends its expertise to general handyman services. Whether you require small repairs or maintenance tasks, our skilled professionals are ready to tackle a diverse range of projects.
  • Well Cleaning: Ensure the cleanliness and purity of your well water with our specialized well cleaning services. We employ safe and effective methods to remove impurities and maintain water quality.
  • Well Repairs: Count on Polidano Restorations for well repairs that address issues promptly and effectively. Our team assesses and resolves well-related problems, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of water.
  • Bowser: Explore our bowser services for efficient water transport solutions. Our well-maintained bowsers ensure the reliable delivery of water to your desired location, meeting your specific requirements.
  • Water Transport: Rely on Polidano Restorations for water transport services that prioritize efficiency and timeliness. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped to handle water transport needs, ensuring a seamless delivery process.
  • Well Water: Enjoy a dependable supply of well water with our specialized services. Polidano Restorations ensures that your well water meets quality standards, providing a sustainable and reliable water source.
At Polidano Restorations, our commitment to excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. With a holistic approach to restoration and a dedication to meeting your unique needs, we are your go-to partner for projects of any scale.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the quality and reliability that define Polidano Restorations in the realm of restoration and specialized services.



Well Restoration
Stone Cleaning
Opening Joints
Removal of Cement Plastering
Plastic Repair
Statue Restoration

Excavation & Demolition




Well Works

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