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R. Abela Construction Co Ltd
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R. Abela Construction Co Ltd


About R. Abela Construction Co Ltd

Welcome to R. Abela Construction Co Ltd, your trusted partner in comprehensive construction solutions. With a legacy built on expertise, reliability, and a commitment to excellence, we offer a diverse range of services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Explore the breadth of our capabilities that set us apart as leaders in the construction industry.

Our Services:

  1. Demolition: R. Abela Construction Co Ltd specializes in safe and efficient demolition services. Whether it’s a small-scale structure or a larger building, our experienced team ensures precise and controlled demolition to pave the way for your new projects.
  2. Drum Cutter Services: Harnessing advanced technology, our drum cutter services provide a precise and efficient method for various construction applications. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd employs cutting-edge equipment to achieve superior results in cutting and excavation projects.
  3. Excavation and Excavation & Demolition: Our expertise extends to excavation services that form the foundation of construction projects. From site preparation to earthmoving, R. Abela Construction Co Ltd ensures a meticulous and strategic approach to excavation needs.
  4. Jackhammer Works: When precision and controlled breaking are required, our jackhammer works deliver exceptional results. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd utilizes high-quality jackhammer equipment operated by skilled professionals for optimal outcomes.
  5. Mini Excavation: For projects with limited space or access, our mini excavation services provide a compact and efficient solution. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd leverages specialized equipment to navigate tight spaces without compromising on excavation quality.
  6. Pool Excavation: Transform your outdoor space with our pool excavation services. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd brings precision to pool excavation, ensuring accurate dimensions and proper site preparation for your swimming pool project.
  7. Rock Cut Services: Conquer challenging terrains with our rock cut services. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd has the expertise and equipment to handle rock excavation and cutting, providing a reliable solution for projects in rocky landscapes.
  8. Commercial Building Contractors: As seasoned commercial building contractors, R. Abela Construction Co Ltd takes pride in delivering high-quality construction solutions for commercial projects. From concept to completion, we ensure timely and efficient execution.
  9. Construction Works: Our comprehensive construction services cover a spectrum of projects. R. Abela Construction Co Ltd is dedicated to delivering construction works that adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality, and safety.
  10. Emergency Construction Repairs: When unexpected issues arise, R. Abela Construction Co Ltd offers emergency construction repairs. Our rapid response team addresses urgent repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring the integrity of your structures.
  11. Foundation Repair Specialists: Trust R. Abela Construction Co Ltd for expert foundation repair services. Our specialists employ proven techniques to address foundation issues, ensuring the stability and longevity of your structures.
  12. Green Building Solutions: Embrace sustainable construction with R. Abela Construction Co Ltd’s green building solutions. We integrate eco-friendly practices and materials to create energy-efficient and environmentally conscious structures.
  13. Residential Construction Services: For residential projects, R. Abela Construction Co Ltd provides end-to-end construction services. From new builds to renovations, our team ensures that every aspect of your residential construction project meets your vision and requirements.
  14. Structural Engineering Consultation: R. Abela Construction Co Ltd offers expert structural engineering consultation services. Our team collaborates with clients, architects, and engineers to provide insights, expertise, and solutions for structurally sound and resilient construction projects.

Choose R. Abela Construction Co Ltd for a construction partner committed to excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your project, and let our experienced team bring your construction vision to life with unrivaled expertise and dedication.


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Green Building Solutions
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Excavation & Demolition

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