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About SH Turnkey

SH Turnkey: Your Comprehensive Home Improvement Partner

Welcome to SH Turnkey, your trusted companion for a wide spectrum of home improvement and renovation services. We specialize in delivering turnkey solutions, expert tiling, painting, decorating, gypsum works, bathroom designs, electrical works, and plumbing services. With a commitment to quality and an unwavering focus on exceeding customer expectations, SH Turnkey is your go-to partner for creating the home of your dreams.

Transforming Homes, One Turnkey Project at a Time

At SH Turnkey, we understand that your home is more than just a structure; it’s a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. Our turnkey services encompass everything from townhouses and apartments to high-end villas and entire blocks of flats. We take pride in delivering complete solutions that cover every aspect of your project, from conception to completion. Whether you seek a total home transformation or require specific services to enhance your living space, SH Turnkey has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Artistry in Tiling: Elevate Your Space with Precision and Style

Our tiling services are a testament to our commitment to precision and style. From bathroom tiles to feature walls, we offer a diverse range of tiling solutions that cater to every taste and requirement. Our skilled team specializes in cement preparation, grouting, marble laying, and tile laying, ensuring that each tile is placed with utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you desire a classic look or a modern aesthetic, our tiling experts will transform your space into a masterpiece.

Painter, Decorator & Plasterer: Infusing Life and Color into Your Home

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any room. Our team of painters, decorators, and plasterers possesses the skill and creativity to revitalize your living spaces. From indoor and outdoor painting to decorating with a touch of graffiato facades or gypsum works, we take pride in transforming your vision into reality. Whether you wish to create a cozy atmosphere in your home or make a bold statement, SH Turnkey is here to paint your world with colors that resonate with your personality.

Mastering the Art of Gypsum: Craftsmanship That Exceeds Expectations

Gypsum is more than just a construction material; it’s an art form. Our gypsum services include bulkheads, ceilings, commercial spaces, sheds, outdoor kitchens, partitions, shelving, and wall units. We specialize in creating bulkhead profiles, fireplaces, and flat ceilings that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space. With an eye for innovation and precision, our team crafts gypsum designs that elevate your living experience.

Bathroom Designs: Your Personal Sanctuary Awaits

Your bathroom is a personal sanctuary, and we understand the importance of designing a space that aligns with your preferences and needs. Our bathroom design experts bring creativity and functionality together to create bathroom spaces that cater to your unique lifestyle. Whether you require a full bathroom installation or wish to upgrade specific elements, SH Turnkey’s bathroom design services offer solutions that reflect your style.

Electrical Works: Empowering Your Home with Safety and Efficiency

Electrical systems are the lifeline of modern homes. Our electrical services cover a broad spectrum, from 3-phase installations and circuit breaker connections to room lighting, distribution replacement, and network installations. We prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring that your electrical systems meet the highest standards. Our team is proficient in a range of electrical services, including OVR installations, socket replacements, and more.

Plumbing Solutions: Expertise That Keeps Your Home Running Smoothly

Plumbing is the backbone of a functional home. Our plumbing services cover bathroom installations, boiler installations and replacements, drain works, emergency plumbing services, geyser installations, pipe preparations, and more. Whether you’re facing an urgent plumbing issue or planning a comprehensive plumbing overhaul, SH Turnkey’s plumbing experts are equipped to deliver efficient and reliable solutions.

At SH Turnkey, we understand that your home is a canvas for your dreams and aspirations. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and craftsmanship, we approach every project as an opportunity to exceed your expectations. From turnkey solutions to specialized services in tiling, painting, decorating, gypsum, bathroom design, electrical works, and plumbing, we are your one-stop destination for enhancing and transforming your living spaces.

Contact SH Turnkey today to discuss your project and let us embark on a journey of creativity and excellence together. Your dream home awaits, and we’re here to make it a reality.



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