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Tatsiana Embroidery
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About Tatsiana Embroidery

Over 17 years of experience and millions of stitches Tastiana has embroidered everything imaginable on a variety of materials.

From simple line pictures to names and intricate designs, small and medium designs can be stitched on different products.

Embroidery remains vibrant and doesn’t wash away!

We embroider –

Uniforms – Aprons – Jackets – Hats – Bags – Bathrobes – Towels and many more items

We also produce school name tapr just cut and sew into uniforms and personal belongings


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Embroidered Labels
Embroidered Names
Name tags
Embroidered Logos
Embroidered Uniforms
Embroidered Aprons
Embroidered Towels
Embroidered Bathrobes
Embroidered Hats
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