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The Resin and Membrane Centre LTD
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About The Resin and Membrane Centre LTD

Welcome to The Resin & Membrane Centre, your dedicated partner for top-tier waterproofing and resin flooring solutions. At RMC, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in surface coverings for a variety of applications, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial settings.

Our Specialized Solutions:

Resin Solutions: RMC provides expert resin flooring solutions for any surface, including those exposed to the elements or heavy usage. Our high-quality floor coverings are ideal for factories, warehouses, swimming pool areas, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. With a focus on strength and hygiene, RMC ensures that our solutions meet the diverse needs of our clients, resulting in a professional, durable, and cost-effective finish.

Rooftop Coatings:
 Transform your rooftops with RMC’s resilient coatings. Our waterproofing solutions are easily applied, durable, and visually appealing. Choose RMC for all-weather protection that is maintenance-free, prevents mold and leaks, and provides insulation for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Whether it’s a small house, a church, a warehouse, or an industrial building, RMC offers lasting rooftop solutions.

Naici Products: Behind RMC is a team with extensive experience in surface maintenance, committed to using the best products on the market. RMC exclusively uses Naici products, backed by 30 years of experience in the building industry. Naici is a leader in resin flooring, resin waterproofing systems, swimming pool finishes, industrial cleaning products, and various building materials. Our online shop features a range of Naici products, ensuring that our clients have access to the finest materials that deliver superior finishes with minimal environmental impact.

Why Choose RMC:

Expertise: RMC brings together a team with vast experience in surface maintenance, ensuring long-lasting solutions.
Quality Products: We exclusively use Naici products, known for their superior quality and recommended by industry experts.
Versatility: Our solutions cater to various surfaces and applications, offering versatility and customization.
Durability: All Naici products used by RMC are guaranteed to last and outperform competitors’ products.
Environmental Considerations: RMC is committed to selecting products that provide the best finish with the least impact on the environment.

Discover the enduring benefits of The Resin & Membrane Centre – where quality, durability, and environmental consciousness come together to redefine waterproofing and flooring solutions. Transform your spaces with RMC, and experience the lasting impact of our top-tier products and professional services.


Waterproofing Materials

Acrylic Primer for Fibre System
Acrylic Resin
Additive for Cement
Bitumen Liquid
Cement Mortar
Elasometric Bituminous Liquid Sheath
Fixed Background for Walls and Plasterboard
Liquid Waterproofing for Leaks
Polyester Armor Fabric
Polyurethane Resin
Primer For Wet Supports
Protective Paint for Bitumous Sheath
Transparent Waterproofing for Floors
Universal Aggrappant Primer
Water Repellent Paint
Waterproofing Compounds
Elastic Membrane
Fibre-Reinforced Waterproofing Membrane
Liquid Reflective Sleeve For Roofs
Liquid Resin


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