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About TUA Engineering

TUA Engineering: Masters of Water Treatment

In the picturesque island nation of Malta, where the shimmering Mediterranean meets the azure sky, there exists a small yet mighty enterprise that stands as a guardian of one of our planet’s most precious resources—water. TUA Engineering, nestled in the heart of this Mediterranean gem, has dedicated itself to the art and science of water treatment for over two decades.

The Water Treatment Maestros

TUA Engineering is not just a company; it’s a symbol of expertise in water treatment. Specializing in seawater filtration for membrane desalination, we have honed our craft to perfection. We possess a unique ability to tailor water treatment solutions, custom-made to our clients’ specific needs. From domestic applications to industrial marvels, we have mastered the art of transforming water into a pristine resource.

The Scope of Our Expertise

At TUA Engineering, our commitment to water treatment knows no bounds. While we exclude wastewater treatment from our purview, we leave no stone unturned in enhancing water quality for various applications. Our diverse range of systems spans from the refinement of seawater through reverse osmosis to produce potable water to the softening of hard water, applying anti-scalants, and deploying media filters for a multitude of purposes.

A Journey from Consulting to Manufacturing

The TUA Engineering journey commenced in 1998, under the visionary leadership of Ing. Arthur Tua. Initially, our focus was on offering professional consulting services in the realm of membrane desalination, leveraging Mr. Tua’s profound knowledge in the field. Over time, our horizons broadened, and we ventured into manufacturing specialized systems.

A Portfolio of Excellence

Our portfolio stands as a testament to our pursuit of excellence. We craft large GRP-fiberglass filter vessels, industrial reverse osmosis units, softening systems, static mixers, filtration systems, and much more. As the cornerstone of our mission lies in industrial applications, we take pride in catering to unique and specific water treatment requirements from our esteemed clients. Greywater recycling projects and other bespoke water treatment solutions have become our forte.

The TUA Engineering Team: Architects of Innovation

At the heart of our success is our exceptional team of specialists. These individuals possess the collective expertise to design, manufacture, assemble, and commission water treatment systems of unparalleled quality. Moreover, we extend professional consultations and conduct in-house testing, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

A Sustainable Vision

TUA Engineering is not just about water treatment; it’s about sustainability. We understand that water is not merely a resource but a lifeline. Our commitment to delivering superior water treatment solutions is deeply entwined with our dedication to preserving this invaluable gift of nature.

A Global Footprint

While we are nestled in Malta, our influence reaches far beyond our shores. We offer our water treatment expertise not only to the local market but also to industrial applications on an international scale. Our systems, meticulously designed and manufactured in-house, stand as a testament to Maltese craftsmanship and innovation, celebrated worldwide.

Your Partner in Water Treatment

As we sail forward into the future, TUA Engineering remains steadfast in its mission—to be your partner in conquering the challenges of water treatment. Our legacy is one of precision, innovation, and unwavering commitment. With TUA Engineering by your side, you can trust that the world’s most vital resource is in the hands of masters.

Contact TUA Engineering today, and let us embark on a journey to transform water into a source of life, purity, and sustainability. In our hands, water isn’t just treated; it’s elevated to an art form, preserving its essence for generations to come.


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