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White Box Appliances
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White Box Appliances


About White Box Appliances

Welcome to White Box Malta, your one-stop destination for quality home appliances, water treatment solutions, bathroom essentials, furniture, and outdoor lighting. At White Box Malta, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of products to meet the needs of homeowners, contractors, and businesses alike.

Home Appliances:

Enhance your living spaces with our extensive collection of home appliances. From efficient air conditioners to powerful blenders, coffee machines, cordless phones, and advanced robotic vacuum cleaners, we offer a wide array of cutting-edge appliances. Our selection also includes dehumidifiers, desk lamps, hairdryers, juicers, microwaves, and more, ensuring that you find the perfect solutions for your home.
Water Treatment Solutions:
Ensure the purity and quality of your water with our water treatment systems. Whether you need domestic, industrial, or light commercial solutions, we have a comprehensive range of products. From reverse osmosis systems and water softeners to GRP vessels and media systems, our offerings are designed to meet diverse water treatment needs.
Bathroom Supplies:
Create a luxurious and functional bathroom space with our premium bathroom supplies. From stylish accessories and furniture to efficient water heaters and sanitary ware, we have it all. Our range includes baths, ceramic sinks, shower cabins, toilet seats, and much more, allowing you to design a bathroom that reflects your taste and meets your requirements.
Furniture Suppliers:
Explore our extensive selection of furniture and hardware supplies to add style and functionality to your living spaces. From bedroom accessories to modern handles, door locks, and restoration products, we offer a wide array of options. Whether you are looking for classic or contemporary pieces, our furniture collection caters to diverse preferences.
Water Heaters:
Discover our range of water heaters designed to provide efficient and reliable hot water solutions. From gas water heaters and geysers to heat pumps and storage water heaters, we offer options for various preferences and requirements. Our collection also includes instantaneous water heaters for on-demand hot water.
Outdoor Lighting:
Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our high-quality outdoor lighting solutions. From energy-efficient LED lights to decorative lanterns and floodlights, we offer a comprehensive range. Whether you need outdoor wall lights, floor recessed lights, or street lights, our collection caters to all your outdoor lighting needs.
At White Box Malta, we are committed to delivering quality products that enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your spaces. Our diverse range, coupled with professional advice and support, ensures that you find the perfect solutions for your home or project.

Visit us today to experience the convenience of comprehensive and reliable product offerings.



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Curtain Rails - Motorised
Curtains - Tailor Made
PVC Apertures
PVC Doors & Windows
Shading Systems
Wooden apertures restoration

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