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ARP Ltd: Your Partner for Professional Construction and Property Services

At ARP Ltd, we take immense pride in our qualifications and expertise, which are the cornerstones of our commitment to delivering exceptional construction, property development, and property management services in Malta. With a dedicated team of qualified professionals and a wide range of services, we are your trusted partner for a seamless and successful project execution. Our Qualifications:
  • Mason's License: Holding a mason's license underscores our comprehensive knowledge and skills in the art of stonework and construction. It also attests to our commitment to upholding industry standards and delivering quality results.
  • First Aid Certifications: Safety is paramount in our operations. Our team is equipped with first aid certifications to ensure the well-being of our employees and maintain a secure working environment.
  • Heavy Plant Operator Certification: To handle heavy plant machinery effectively and safely, we maintain the required certifications. This ensures that our equipment is operated by trained experts.
  • Mobile Crane Certification: We have certified operators for mobile cranes, enabling us to perform lifting and moving tasks with precision and safety.
  • Tower Crane Certification: Our tower crane certification ensures that we can effectively handle heavy lifting at construction sites, contributing to efficient and secure project execution.
Our Services:
  • Property: We offer comprehensive property services, covering development and management, to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Property Development: From conceptualization to completion, we are experienced in developing properties that align with your vision.
  • Property Management: Our property management services guarantee the smooth operation and maintenance of properties, ensuring optimal functionality and value retention.
  • Builder: We excel in construction and property development, delivering excellence in every project we undertake.
  • Concrete Formwork: With expertise in concrete formwork, we create the foundation for your construction projects.
  • Construction Works: Our comprehensive construction services encompass a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial.
  • Maltese Stonework: We specialize in the intricate art of Maltese stonework, reflecting our dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship.
  • Mason: As experienced masons, we undertake a variety of stonework projects, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.
  • Re-Building of Farmhouses: We offer restoration and rebuilding services for farmhouses, respecting their historical and architectural value.
  • Demolition: Our demolition services adhere to safety standards, efficiently clearing sites for new construction.
  • Drum Cutter: Our advanced equipment includes drum cutters for precise excavation and cutting work.
  • Excavation: We provide excavation services for various project requirements, ensuring efficient groundwork.
  • Excavation & Demolition: This combined service covers site preparation and demolition activities.
  • Jackhammer Works: Our jackhammer works involve precise breaking and excavation using specialized equipment.
  • Mini Excavation: For smaller-scale excavation, we employ mini excavators for detailed work.
  • Pool Excavation: We offer specialized excavation services for pool construction and maintenance.
  • Rock Cut: Our expertise extends to rock cutting for various applications, ensuring efficient project execution.
At ARP Ltd, our mission is to offer comprehensive, reliable, and professional construction and property services. With our qualifications, dedicated team, and a diverse range of services, we are committed to turning your vision into reality and providing a seamless, safe, and efficient project experience.

Contact us today for all your construction and property needs.

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