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About AECO Telecom & Security

AECO Telecom & Security: Leading Malta in Comprehensive Security & Telecommunication Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, ensuring safety and staying connected has never been more vital. This is where AECO Telecom & Security comes in, establishing itself as a frontrunner in both security and telecommunication solutions in Malta.

At the heart of AECO Telecom & Security is an unparalleled expertise that spans electronics, software packages, and infrared technologies. This broad technical know-how allows AECO Telecom & Security to service sectors like intruder alarms, access control, and fire detection, adeptly addressing the mounting challenges of the global market. More importantly, the products from AECO Telecom & Security seamlessly integrate, offering end users a comprehensive and dependable security system.

Security Systems by AECO Telecom & Security:

Trust AECO Telecom & Security for cutting-edge security systems, meticulously engineered to provide swift, dependable, yet cost-effective protection against burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide. The multifaceted security solutions from AECO Telecom & Security not only safeguard against burglaries but also act as shields against fire and carbon monoxide. What’s more, installing their systems can lead to substantial insurance premium reductions — by up to 20%! From critical condition monitoring, like temperature/flood detection, to entry/exit point notifications via varied “chime” modes, AECO Telecom & Security has it all.

Telecommunication Systems Crafted by AECO Telecom & Security:

AECO Telecom & Security isn’t just about security; it’s a telecommunication powerhouse. With over two decades of experience, AECO Telecom & Security has been a stalwart supporter of PBX Solutions in Malta, catering to diverse business groups. Whether it’s a large corporate entity or a budding SME, AECO Telecom & Security conducts meticulous preliminary studies, planning meticulously to meet customer expectations and timelines. Apart from top-tier PBX solutions, AECO Telecom & Security offers structured cabling, expansion modules, and integrates features like Door Access, Door Phone, and Security CCTV Solutions. Maintenance is a priority for AECO Telecom & Security; they ensure that all their installations stand the test of time, thus guaranteeing a reduced total cost of ownership over the years.

Automated Gates/Door Systems by AECO Telecom & Security:

Automate your entryways with AECO Telecom & Security. They supply electric gate openers, garage door automation, and advanced access control systems. As the UK’s most significant distributor of LiftMaster electric gate openers and garage automation systems, you’re assured of superior quality and complete technical support with AECO Telecom & Security.

Intercom Systems from AECO Telecom & Security:

Upgrade your home security with intercom systems from AECO Telecom & Security. While traditional home phone intercoms have been the mainstay, AECO Telecom & Security is at the forefront of innovation. Their latest video-equipped door intercoms allow for precise identification, coupled with features to record both still and moving images of visitors.

In an age where security and communication are paramount, AECO Telecom & Security remains steadfast in its commitment to offering the best. Whether you’re seeking advanced telecommunication solutions or top-notch security systems, look no further than AECO Telecom & Security. For more details or emergency assistance, reach out to AECO Telecom & Security – they are available 24/7, underlining their unwavering commitment to their clientele.


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